Sears, Card Assert Viability Of Campaigns

Two days after the Massachusetts Republican convention, at least two of the candidates passed over in the gubernatorial, contest insisted that they still have every intention of staying in the race.

State House Minority Whip Andrew H. Card Jr. and former Boston City Councillor John W. Sears '52 both said yesterday--after appearing at an off-the- record Institute of Politics study--that they will battle for the nomination until the September 14 primary.

Downplaying the impact of the landslide first-ballot victory which John R. Lakian, a Westwood businessman, scored at Saturday's non-binding convention. Sears and Card emphasized the importance of the official primary. Lakian received the support of 790 of the 1450 delegates last weekend and Card received 105. Sears did not allow his name to be place in nomination and received no votes.

"Lakian did not really come out victorious," Card said, explaining that the winning candidate demonstrated his lack of strength by failing in his attempt to select his own choice for lieutenant governor.

The 34-year-old representative acknowledged, however, that he faces fundraising problems in competing with Lakian, who has the convention victory behind him, and Sears, who leads in the public opinion polls.