University Continues Talks With Tenants at Craigie Arms

After months of private negotiations, tenants of the Harvard-owned Craigie Arms apartment building and representatives of the developer that Harvard has chosen to make major structural repairs on the building may be hearing a settlement.

Harvard had previously offered a $1500 relocation fee to the residents of the 122 Mt. Auburn St. building, and Housing Associates, the developer that is now representing the University, was reported in January to have increased Harvard's original offer.

The terms of the latest proposal to tenants have not been disclosed, due to what a Harvard spokesman called a "gentleman's agreement" between the University and the tenants.

Craigie Arms tenants say that the original relocation offer was "way off."

Tenants said Sunday that they are united in their fight against Harvard and are not merely holding out for higher relocation fees. The Craigie apartments should remain low-to-moderate-income housing after a $205 million renovation is completed, "especially" because of "what will be built next door." one tenant said. The Craigie building is located adjacent to the site of University Place, a majority Harvard office and luxury housing complex scheduled for construction this spring.