Moon Group Launches Campus Drive

CARP Urges Halt to 'Free Love'

The Harvard Chapter of the Washington, D.C.-based Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), an offshoot of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, has launched an effort to convince students to rethink their sexual values and assume "new sexual ethics," Richard Panzer, the project organizer and a part-time Divinity School student, said yesterday.

Harvard-CARP members will distribute two flyers asking for "an understanding of the spiritual dimensions of relationships" and will hold weekly meetings at Phillips Brooks House (PBH).

The initiative involves no recruting, Panzer said. The group has been registered for five months at the Divinity School, where its president, Antony J. Guerra, is a student. Claiming a core membership of 30 to 40 students, it has offered petitions and button sales in support of Solidarity and has sponsored religions speakers monthly on campus. CARP members also distribute the World Student Times, published in Washington by the national CARP leadership.

CARP has organizations on 90 to 100 campuses nationwide, including Boston University, Columbia, and Cornell. The student group has attempted to spread the dictum of the church which calls for the "bridging of the gap between faith and reason" through self-awareness.

One of the two new flyers details Harvard-CARP's disgust that in the United States, "one out of three women will be sexually assalted in their lifetimes, there is a rape every seven minutes, and one-half of every marriage ends in divorce."


The other flyer, yet to be published, will inquire, "Are you a 'Ten' in love?"

Panzer, who attended the Unification Church seminary in Harringtown, N.Y., said the weekly meetings at PBH are aimed at bringing in members of the Harvard Community, specifically undergraduates, to rethink their sexual values. In the first meeting, before spring break. Panzer advocated "a stop to pre marital sex until couples begin to understand love."

Immature Love

"A source of a lot of suffering is false, immature love," he added.

PBH does not sponsor CARP but allows any student group to rent a room there for a nominal fee, according to PBH President Ellen J. Kesinbaum '83.

Harvard-CARP is made up primarily of members of the Unification Church, but Guerra said yesterday that the group has only a philosophical link with the Church.

"The teaching of Sun Myung Moon offers hope and sheds light on all the basic questions of love," Panzer said.

Dan G. Feffernan, executive director of the World Student Times, CARP's national newspaper, said yesterday that CARP no longer is funded by the Unification Church, but that the two organizations overlap and therefore influence each other.