Harvard and City Begin to Recover From Snowstorm

The heavy snowfall and high winds that hit the Boston area and southern New England Tuesday subsided yesterday allowing the University and local institutions to begin progress toward normal operations.

The unseasonal storm, which covered Cambridge with more than a foot of snow, worsened the city's fiscal problems by forcing the Department of Public Works to use its snow plows even though its snow removal funds were completely depleted months ago.

City officials involved in the plowing effort Tuesday night did not return to their office, yesterday afternoon and could not be reached for comment.

Unlike its Cambridge counterpart, the University snow removal program is' well-funded, Bernard K Keohan, superintendent of grounds said yesterday adding that the snow removal operations throughout the University are going well. "I can see no problem with removing the snow at Harvard in the immediate future," Keohan said.

Largely because of the Buildings and Grounds Department's efforts and the administration's hard-line snow policy, classes throughout the University were held yesterday according to schedule.


Student reaction to the recent snow fall was mixed Elizabeth Zachos '84 expressed her displeasure with the current weather conditions by saying yesterday "I hate the snow," while Henrique Martinez '84 disagreed yesterday, commenting. "This is very nice--a change of the ordinary."

According to the 'National Weather Bureau, more winter weather may be ahead. The bureau predicts sunshine for today as well as snow or possibly rain for Friday.