Caribbean club


To the Editors of the Crimson:

I am writing you this letter in response to a recent article concerning the Harvard Radcliffe Caribbean Club and the Harvard Foundation. The headline states that the Foundation denied funding for the fifth annual Carnival sponsored by the H/R Caribbean Club. Unfortunately, I feel that the writer, Adam S. Cohen, twisted the truth. I do agree that most of the facts presented in the article are actually true, but the manner in which they are presented is false. The Foundation was unable to fund the carnival for this year because of the late submittance [sic] of the Club's proposal. They did not deny us funding for future years. As a matter of fact, Professor Counter made a special effort to include us in next year's budget. The day on which the proposal was first presented to Professor Counter, he was discussing next year's budget with his secretary. It was obviously too late.

The actual tone of the article was very unfair for it implied that the Foundation is not receptive to organizations like the Caribbean Club. It is a known fact that the Foundation has contributed money to many third Word functions in the past months. I respect Professor Counter and his admirable work for minority organizations on campus, and I fear that the recent article would endanger his credibility on campus. I would like to recommend that the Crimson not concentrate so much time and energy on researching information that would attack or implicate the Foundation, but, on the contrary, they should focus on the many positive features of the Harvard Foundation. Rhonda August '84   President of the Harvard/Radcliffe Caribbean Club

The Crimson stands by the facts reported in the article by Mr. Cohen and feels the context in which he presented them was accurate.   --Ed.