Hamburg Assumes MacArthur Chair In Health Policy

President Bok yesterday named a public health expert to become the first John D. MacArthur Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Kennedy School of Government.

David A. Hamburg director of the inter-faculty Division of Health Policy Research and Education, will assume the new chair, which was established in 1981 with a $1.2 million gift from the MacArthur Foundation of Chicago, III.

The chair can be used by Bok to serve any department in the University as he sees fit.

Hamburg presently holds joint appointment as professor of health policy and psychiatry at the Medical School, professor of public policy at the K. School, and professor of psychiatry at the School of Public Health.

As director of the Health Policy Division, Hamburg has coordinated university, resources and research in health policy in addition he had headed the Center for Health Policy and Management at the K. School, which has researched disease prevention, mental health policy, and the health problems of the young among other issues.

Hamburg could not be reached for commitment last night.