City Senators Anticipate Budget Will Pass Early


The Massachusetts House of Representatives last week easily passed its version of the fiscal year 1983 budget, and both Cambridge senators yesterday predicted similar success when the proposal reaches the upper house later this month.

In a session that lasted until midnight Friday, the representatives voted. 121-24, in favor of a $6.86 billion budget.

Sens. George Bachrach and Michael LoPresti Jr. '78, both Democrats, gave qualified support for the package, praising the $133 million local aid provisions.

In marked contrast with previous years, the process has moved along with very little controversy. The House passed the bill less than a week after taking it up And two weeks ago, key leaders of both houses joined Gov Edward J. King in endorsing a compromise plan for local aid.

Senate analysts will get an official copy of the budget this week, and the whole package should reach the floor by the end of the month. LoPresti predicted that it would pass "within a week."


Cambridge would receive $8.3 from the $133 million local aid plan. $2 million more than earlier proposals. All five city legislators last week signed a statement endorsing the plan.

Bachrach said he would work to eliminate several of the last-minute amendments added before passage in the House and totalling $9.3 million in supplementary allocations. He declined to single out specific clauses.


The major budget controversy the Senate will face now is whether to accept King's campaign pledge to repeal the 7.5 percent income tax surtax. House leaders have said that insufficient funds exist, but King insists he still supports the tax. Bachrach said that the tax repeal plan is "dead as a doornail," but LoPresti said he hoped some sort of tax cut would go through.