Hussain Lawyer Calls Witness 'Spacey', Unstable

The attorney for Dr. Arif Hussain, the former Harvard doctor accused of raping a woman patient in her hospital bed, questioned the emotional stability of the alleged victim while cross examining her yesterday.

The woman testified yesterday in Middlesex Superior Court that she had chosen Hussain's photograph from a group of nine as the man who allegedly raped her and later identified him positively.

Under cross examination by Thomas C. Tray, she said that one of the pictures she thought looked like her attacker was a photo of Assistant District Attorney Laurence Hardoon.

Troy cited over prosecution objections medical records showing that the woman has suffered from "blackouts, hallucinations, delirium tremens and seizures."

He said she "had been consistently spacey with a loss of memory," when admitted to Cambridge City Hospital in September 1981.


Troy maintained in earlier court sessions that the woman has given conflicting reports of the attack.

Hussain, 31, of Waltham Hospital, is charged with raping the woman in Waltham Hospital on March 26, 1978. He is also charged with attempted to rape and assault on a second woman in the same hospital on October 19, 1978

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