State Senate To Consider Gun Control

A bill that would ban the sale of snub-nosed handguns in Massachusetts was reviewed unfavorably last week by a combined House-Senate committee, but supporters say the bill still may pass through a vote of the full legislature.

The measure will most likely go before the entire Senate Wednesday, and Sen. George Bachrach, the main sponsor, said yesterday he "anticipates a tight vote."

Jerome S. Fortinsky '83, head of the Harvard Coalition on Handgun Control, said yesterday that supporting groups estimate they are within two votes needed for passage.

The Harvard group is this week focusing its lobbying efforts on Sen. Michael J. LoPresti '70, who has not committed himself either way on the bill.

LoPresti yesterday said he favored tighter regulations on the sale and owner-ship of handguns, but opposed a general ban. He declined to comment on the specific legislation.


Bills requiring a ban on handguns have been introduced every year for the past several sessions and each has been soundly defeated. But supporters give Bachrach's bill a better chance because it only restricts one type of handgun.