Professor Tribe Wins Moon Case

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence H. Tittle '62 this week won another legel battle for the Rev. Sum Myung Moon, controversial leader of a 3 million-member religions group.

Tribe persuaded a federal judge on Tuesday to rule that Moon's recent conviction for tax fraud could not be used by immigration officials as grounds for deporting him. Earlier this year. Tribe won a separate legal battle for Moon, which allowed the religious leader to avoid public interrogation about his organization's practices.

After Tuesday's verdict. Tribe told reporters he was pleased with the decision, but that deportation for Moon is still "a very real possibility," although no formal deportation bearings have began.

Moon, the 62-year-old spiritual leader of the Unification Church, was convicted in May of failing to report $150,000 in income from securities and bank accounts He was sentenced to 18 months in prison and fined $25.000 Shortly thereafter. Tribe agreed to represent Moon in appeal proceedings scheduled for this fall.

A constitutional scholar. Tribe said in an interview with The Crimson earlier this week that the accepted the Moon case because it poses interesting questions of constitutional law. Tribe said Moon's constitutional rights were violated several times during his first trial.