Iranians Hold Demonstration Against Khomeini Government

Members of the Moslem Iranian Students Society yesterday held an anti-Khomeini demonstration--including a mock torture chair, a jail, and the Ayatollah in effigy--in Brattle Square.

Organized by several Boston-area Iranian graduate students, the demonstration showed photos of executed Iranians and called for donations for the families of those killed. Demonstrators acted out the imprisonment, torture, and execution of enemies of the Ayatollah.

The students also handed out pamphlets describing the People's Mojahedin Organization, a political group which the Student Society is allied with, which supports the establishment of a "free and democratic" society in Iran.

The society, which has chapters in large cities in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, wants to increase awareness of the Ayatollah's actions in Iran and "make Khomeini internationally isolated." Bahman Ahmaei, an economics student at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, said yesterday.

Ahmaei said the Boston chapter has about 25 members and has existed for three years.


The Boston members plan to hold a demonstration every Friday in different areas of the city. In addition, they will throw open a meeting to the public in order to rouse greater interest in Iran's government.

"We want to be independent and free from the past," Hamid Reza, one of the protesters, said yesterday, adding, "Iranians are sick and tired of dictators."