Open Meeting Held to Promote Courses in Women's Studies

Posters around the Yard announced in unusual effort to increases student awareness of courses in women's studies. The Committee on Women's Studies held an open wine and cheese gathering at the Freshman Union yesterday to discuss two overview courses in the field.

The two courses featured at the meeting were General Education 100. "Introduction to Women's Studies," and Historical Studies A-22. "The Emergence of Women as a Force in Modern Society: The American Experience."

"The idea was to get people who probably wouldn't have heard of the courses," said Elizabeth Young '85, an undergraduate representative to the committee. The campaign was targeted "especially at freshmen, so that they can keep it in mind during shopping period," she said.

At the meeting, attended by about 15 students, several of the courses' professors, section leaders, and students from last year spoke and answered questions.

Judith A. Kates, a lecturer in Gen Ed 100, said yesterday the course "gives students a sense of the questions raised in women's studies in the different disciplines involved.


"At least they are making a special effort to show what is offered in women's studies." Anne Kaslor '86 said at the gathering. "I never realized how bad the women's studies situation would be here. Just looking through the catalogue you don't see anything."

Historical Studies A-22 had on enrollment of approximately 120 last year and Gen. Ed. 100 had one of approximately 60, about 25 percent of those students being male.