Cambridge Slates Sex Ed Week

Short Takes

As part of a national drive to promote sex education, the city of Cambridge has proclaimed October 2-8 National Family Sexuality Education Week.

Stating that "ignorance, not knowledge, stimulates inappropriate behavior." Mayor Alfred E. Vellucci encouraged all Cambridge citizens to support family sex education.

Involving parents in sex education is a major emphasis of the week. "Everyone agrees that parents should be the primary sexuality educators of their children, but who is preparing them for this role?" said Kim DeAndrade of Cambridge Family Planning, joint sponsors of the week with the Department of Human Services.

Activities in Cambridge will include a series of parent workshops on "Talking to Children about Sex," and book displays at public libraries.

The workshops, scheduled throughout the month, address issues such as preparing children for puberty, judging their readiness for sexual information, adolescent sexuality, and how to become an "askable" adult.

This is the first year Cambridge has officially recognized the national event, which began in 1979.

Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts will also offer sex education training courses for teachers, guidance counselors, and other training administrators.