Police Blotter

The week of Thanksgiving vacation was a criminally active one. Theives took advantage of unoccupied dormitories and classroom buildings, committing six larcenies of items worth more than $100 and one larceny of less than $100.

Harvard Police reported four casus of malicious destruction this weck. The police made two arests for trospassing, sayined individuals off Harvard property four times, took one person into protective could and insisted the Boston, MDC, and Cambull police time each this week.

Professional ambulance service had in he called to the Harvard campus four times this week. Cambridge Fire Rescue was called once.

Two bicycles were stolen from Harvard students this week. One Harvard room was broken into and robbed.

Of particular interest:

Thursday, November 24: At 4:29 a.m., Harvard Police patrolling the Medical School area responded to a reported automobile accident on Binney St. in front of the Deaconness Hospital. A computer check of the license of the driver of a taxicab involved in the accident revealed that he had been wanted by Boston Police for five years on rape charges. Police arrested Bruce Nance, a 48-year-old resident of Boston.

Tuesday, November 22. Harvard Police and the Professional ambulance service responded to a call from the Science Center at 3:51 p.m. after workers and students reported a disoriented and violent woman causing a disturbance there. The officers and paramedics secured the woman, who was slightly injured in the process, and took her to Cambridge City Hospital for observation.

Monday, November 21 At 1:00 a.m., police heard cries for help from the Weeks Footbridge. A Harvard officer responded and found a 74-year-old Cambridge resident on the riverbank in an apparent sucide attempt professional anthularioc service transported the unidentified man to MlcAuburn Hospital for treatment and psychiatric test.

Also on Monday, officials at the Semitic Museum discovered that three pieces of jewelry were missing from a second-floor display case: Detectives to working on the disappearance of two necklaces decorated with silver coins and a multi-colored silk headdressy also decorated with coins. This is the second Robbery of art pieces from the Semitic Museum in the past two months.

Monday, November 20: In the only violent act this week on the Harvard campus, a woman walking between Pusey and Widener Libraries at 9:20 p.m. had her purse snatched. A young Black male, 5-ft., 7-in., ran up he hind the victim, grabbed her purse and fled in the direction of Emerson Hall.

There are no suspects in the case.