Misleading Caption


To the Editors of the Crimson:

Jean Engelmayer wrote an interesting article on professors' involvement in the Presidential campaign and quoted me accurately. Unfortunately, your caption writer put under my picture a quote that is not mine: "Now is the time to get in on the action. "Not only did I not say that, it misrepresents my views.

I think it is important that the University kep a certain distance from politics. While it can be healthy if some professors who are involved in current politics and policy use that experience to inform their colleagues and their work, it is only healthy if such professors maintain their objectivity. That is what I meant when I was correctly quoted as saying that my political role was peripheral.

I have indicated my support for Walter Mondale because my experience of working with him in the Carter Administration convinced me that he would make a good president. It would be hypocritical to hide that conclusion. But as a professor. I must feel as free to criticize his positions as I do to offer ideas to anyone, including the current administration. Moreover, I feel that the amount of time devoted to such concerns must not detract from my teaching and research. These limits are important, and are not caught by the caption that you used. Joseph S. Nye   Professor of Government