Sit In

A Weekly Survey of News From Other Campuses

Four days after 26 students ended a sit-in and blockade of a University of Michigan radiation laboratory, 12 students calling themselves the "Nuclear Saints" occupied the lab again demanding that they be allowed to do "around-the-clock military research."

The students who wore white lab coats, Walkman headsets, and sunglasses, waged their satiric battle for 13 hours until seven police officers threatened them with arrest.

Four days earlier, 26 students from the Progressive Student Network ended a 48-hour sit-in with vows to continue action until all military research at the university stops.


"Until all military research is eliminated, I won't be satisfied," said sophomore Naomi Brame.

The subject of both sit-ins was the radiation laboratory of Professor Thomas Senior, who performs research for NASA, the Air Force and the Army.


The Nuclear Saints performed several experiments, one knitted a blue and maize "nose cone warmer" to protect missiles from the cold of winter. Another tried to create life from Frito's Corn Chips and refried beans.

Before leaving, the students performed a purification ritual to cleanse the lab of "the evil spirit left by the hand of brutal leftist thugs."

After leaving, the group issued a statement stating they had made "a strong stand in favor of a dramatic increase of military research on campus."