'Love Monsters' Take First In Council's 'Battle' of Bands

The "Battle of the Bands," the Undergraduate Council's first social event, went off without a hitch Saturday night, following a controversy last week surrounding the selection of outside judges by one of the band contest participants.

"Love Monsters," a five member rock group, took first place and the $500 grand prize at the Memorial Hall dance, which was judged by a panel of seven students from the editorial staffs of The Crimson. The Independent, and WHRB Radio.

"We honestly weren't even thinking about winning," Daniel D. Wilson '83, drummer for the "Love Monsters," said yesterday, adding that the group will use the prize money to make a recording of songs for several friends.

But Wilson was reserved in his appraisal of the group's success, noting that Saturday's event was only the third public performance for the "Love Monsters."



"Rhythm Co" came in second at the contest and received a $100 consolation prize as did the other groups. "Speeds and the Castanets." "The Girl Next Door," and "Final Cause."

Outgoing council chairman Michael G. Colantuono '83 and members of the five bands agreed to have students evaluate the contest after disqualifying two outside judges chosen by Noelani Rodriguez '83, a member of "The Girl Next Door."

Concluding that Rodriguez's selections reflected a conflict of interest that could have unfairly influenced the outcome of the event, both Colantuono and band members agreed that a student panel of campus media critics would be more impartial.

Clinton A. Carter '83, one of the lead singers for the eight-member "Rhythm Co.," said that he would have preferred a different outcome. "I basically thought that we were the better band. But I'm not holding any grudges," he said.

Each band was judged on an absolute point scale after playing a 30-minute set. Colantuono said yesterday, adding that the council did not lose as much money as some members had expected. He explained that the council funded the $1800 cost of the contest, but that receipts from 650 customers brought net council expenditure to about $400.