RUS Newsletter

Short Takes

The Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) yesterday announced plans to publish a newsletter on womens' activities the University.

The newsletter will include events sponsored by RUS as well as other women's groups at the College and graduate schools. Elizabeth Young '85, president of RUS, said yesterday.

Young says the newsletter had been started to bolster awareness of women's activities on campus.

"We want to increase the visibility of the different resources available for women on campus, and we also want to increase the visibility of RUS," she explained.

Fewer than 20 percent of women undergraduates turned out for the group's annual elections leading to some concern about student awareness of RUS activities.

The newsletter represents a new type of venture for RUS, whose focus has always been more issue-oriented" than socially oriented, Young said.

The newsletter will be distributed door-to-door to all students the College as well as Harvard's graduate schools.

RUS will spend $250 to produce and distribute the first issue of the as-yet-unnamed newsletter, Young said.

As part of its efforts toward a Women's Studies concentration. RUS also decided yesterday to compile a list of all seniors who are writing theses that concern women's issues.