Open the Door


WHILE WE JOIN the majority in their condemnation of the PLO's violent methods and expressed intolerance towards the state of Israel, we cannot agree with their suggestion that the organization as it now stands must be shut out of a dialogue on the Mideast's future.

The PLO represents the aspirations of many, if not all, Palestinians and is an important political force in the Mideast. The United States deals with many countries which have goals we cannot agree with and which use force to accomplish those goals, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China, for example, Iraq and Syria have fought against Israel's right to exist and use terrible violence against their own citizens. We deal with those countries to achieve our own goals.

Likewise, to make a realistic effort towards Mideast peace, we should negotiate with everyone possible, including the PLO. If we really want to end violence in the Mideast; we cannot shut our eyes to the Palestinian problem nor with their organizations away.

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