Case Dismissed

A Weekly Survey of News From Other Campuses

A federal court has dismissed charges of sex discrimination brought by four former professors at Cornell University, issuing a major blow to the group of women known as the "Cornell 11."

In a nine-page ruling released last month, the court said that the four professors were treated "fairly and neutrally" when they were denied tenure.

J Anthony Gaenslen, attorney for the "Cornell II," said he plans to appeal the decision.

The ruling comes nearly three years after the suit was filed against Cornell for alleged violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The ruling said Title VII does not require that an employer hire the most qualified person Munson said. "The employer need only show that his choice was based on 'neutral reasons' and that such reasons were not in reality a pretext for discrimination."


"Even if...plaintiffs were more qualified than 'comparable males,' plaintiffs' case would have to fail."

Gaenslen said he was "stunned" by the court's interpretation. "Our case was built around looking at comparative qualifications to see if an inference of discrimination did arise from differential treatment."

Gaenslen added that the legal standard the court announced, "if that is correct, then Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act is in a large measure repealed as far as academia is concerned." The Cornell Daily Sun