The (Almost) Newlywed Game

Bob Eubanks, Your Host on...

Andrew's responses: 1. Pretnar (Pretnar); 2. Being rejected by a group (Morally intolerant); 3. Guiding Light (no favorite show); 4. To be Aristotle (great author), 5 Greece (lstanbul) Total 3 correct.

For many freshmen couples, the first romance lasts as long as Freshman Week.

But for Conrad Olson and Cheryl Barrell, who are both seniors now, first romance has turned into a lifetime commitment.

"We were both living in Hollis," Conrad says, "and we started going out in November. From there we blocked together and both moved into North House."

"The only time we've really been separated for a long period," Conrad continues, "was during our first two summers apart. But in the summer of our junior year, her parents moved to my hometown--San Diego--and we both end up working on the same campus at the same university and in the same building, at the University of California."


"We've talked about practically every topic," Cheryl, a native of Chicago, says, "and we do most things together."

"But, we never talked about marriage," Cheryl says. "It was something that was always in the back of our minds but we never needed to say anything about it."

In fact the couple, who will be married on August 6, agree on "just about every subject," she says. "You'd have to look pretty hard to find something that we disagree on."

They agree that they will live in a warm climate, most likely in California, and they both want to teach at the college level. They've both done research in psychology, even though Conrad in majoring in English. "English isn't a very marketable skill," he says.

They agree that they will "expect to raise I good number of children," as Cheryl says, "but we also want to take it as it comes. We'll see how many we can afford."

"We'll both put in equal time," Conrad agrees. "It wouldn't be fair to have her raise 19 children while I go about my business."

Although Conrad is Catholic and Cheryl is Protestant, they "will probably raise the children as Protestants," Conrad says. "Also Cheryl's father is a Protestant minister, so he will first walk her down the aisle and then he will switch his position and marry us."

"We've been together for a long time," Conrad says, "and marriage seems to be the natural progression in our relationship. But there was no question since our freshman year that I'd marry her."

Cheryl's responses: 1. No answer (Williams): 2. Too critical (orderliness); 3 Bugs Bunny (old movies); 4. English professor (take a vacation); 5 Germany (Germany).

Conrad's responses: 1. Middleton (Middleton); 2 Shyness (shyness); 3 Old movies (old movies); 4. No answer (make a successful wedding); 5. England (England); Total; 5 correct.