The (Almost) Newlywed Game

Bob Eubanks, Your Host on...

The Leverett House seniors, who will be married this summer, agree that their mixed backgrounds have made them an "interesting match." "It has not caused us any trouble in our relationship," Vincent says.

But, they don't seem to agree on much else. Vincent "We will definitely have two children," Anna: "Three children for sure."

Vincent: "I want to live where it's warm and where there's plenty of sunshine and nice weather." Anna "I want to live in the Northeast, preferably Boston."

Vincent: "When we met at Leverett House a year ago, it was love at first sight." "Not for me," says Anna.

Whether it was love at first sight or not, the pair got to know each other in Math 21 A. Vincent says. "Math 21B," according to Anna.


Most importantly, the couple concurs that they will be married soon after graduation, which is approximately one year since Vincent proposed. "Last summer after I thought about it for a while. I decided to call her up and ask her," he says. "She was silent on her end of the phone for about 10 minutes I thought she was dead. The next thing I said was, 'Anna are you alive?'"

After the marriage Vincent hopes to study medicine "Eventually, I plan to be a rich doctor with a yacht in the backyard." Anna say that he also wants to own a condo in the Florida Keys. She plans to study neurobiology.

At the moment, however, neither are sure where they will attend graduate school, and they are trying to decide whether to hold the marriage ceremony in a church or in Leverett House.

Despite their statements, they claim that they have very few strong differences. "Actually," says Anna. "we are a lot luckier than most people in that we were able to find another person."

Anna's responses: 1. No answer (Unutia); 2. Uncleanlinese (Neatness); 3. No favorite show (Quincy); 4. Own a Florida condominium (Retire in South); 5. Spain (Acapulco).

Vincent's responses: 1. No answer (Lin); 2. Too neat (waiting); 3. Saturday Night Live (No favorite show); 4. To share in my medical profession (none); 5. Talwan (Talwan). Total: 3 correct.

After screening about three dozen soon-to-be-married Harvard couples. Crimson reporters Christopher J. Georges and Andrew C. Korn selected four of them for this article.