Services Set for John G. Short '70 This Afternoon

Short Takes

Friends of John G. Short '70 will attend services at 4 p.m. today in Memorial Church, honoring an individual who in his undergraduate days distinguished himself as a keen political activist and one of the campus best writers.

Short died of cancer Monday at the age of 35.

While at Harvard, Short passionately pursued interests in writing and photography at. The Crimson and deeply involved himself in politics.

Short received the Dana Reed Prize--awarded annually to the best piece of undergraduate writing--for a gripping personal account of the 1969 Weathermen not in Chicago.

Following graduation, Short started his own newspaper, the Provincetown Advocate, with their friends from college. In 1973 he left Provincetown to attend law school at Northeastern University.

The Crimson will reprint portions of his prize winning essay. "The Weathermen re Shot. They're Bleeding. They're Running. They're Wiping Stuff Out," tomorrow.