Eliot Stonewalls Mather, 8-0

Cabot-North Exiles Leverett, 8-0

Mather huffed and puffed but couldn't blow Eliot House down.

Eliot is, after all, made of brick.

Yesterday afternoon in House football, the men in concrete fell to Eliot, 8-0.

The only score in the hard-fought contest came when Eliot, after blasting its way down the field with straight ahead tactics, scored on a run straight up the middle by Mickey Voltz.

The game was scoreless at the half as a result of outstanding defense by both sides as well as 60 yards in penalties. However, Eliot scored on the first play of the fourth quarter after holding the ball for the entire third period.

"That was the game plan," said Voltz. "We just marched the ball up the middle."

Mather, whose record now stands at 0-3, did not have the size or the strength to stop the Eliot juggernaut.

Although Mather quarterback Mark Meredith passed effectively throughout the afternoon, the Eliot House defense was simply too strong.

Mather relied almost exclusively on its passing game because injuries from previous games left a vacuum in its backfield.

The extremely tough Eliot pass defense, however, shut down Mather's passing attack throughout most of the afternoon.

* * * * * *

In other action, Cabot North narrowly prevailed, 8-0, over the Leverett yesterday.

In its first possession of the game, the Quad Squad drove 70 yards down the field, only to be sent back empty handed, as Leverett blocked Cabot- North's fourth down field goal attempt.

In its first possession of the second half, Cabot-North used its plodding ground game to move steadily downfield.

Quad receiver Jeff Hull then dodged two Leverett defenders and danced down the sideline to turn a flag pattern pass into a 20 yard touchdown.

Cabot-North scored a two point conversion on a fake kick when the ball was snapped straight to kicker Ned Scharples, who ran it in for the score.

With about two minutes to go in the game, Leverett threatened to score from the Cabot-North 15 yard line, but a penalty set them back ten yards.

On fourth down and 10, the Leverett offense chose to go for the first down, but failed, leaving the Cabot-North lead intact.

"We had a good drive but we just couldn't get it in the end zone," said Leverett fullback Terry Erisman.

The victory brings the Cabot- North record to 2-1, tied for second place with both Leverett and Eliot Houses.