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Controversy A Year Old


The following is a brief summary of some of the key events preceding yesterday's decision

*May 9, 1984 The 1983-4 Committee on College Life passes a resolution giving the final clubs until October 1, 1984 to admit women or face the loss of College services.

*summer 1984 Dean Epps meets with several of the undergraduate presidents as well as the graduate president of all nine clubs, to try to persuade them to change their admission policy.

*October 1, 1984 The deadline goes by, a new committee not having been elected.

*October 22, In its first meeting of the term, the 1984-5 Committee on College Life hears a request from the clubs for more time to debate admitting women. They postpone their answer until their next meeting, in order to speak with the presidents and decide the merits of an extension

*November 7: The Committee at its second meeting decides to give the clubs an extension of one more month, after which they must either decide to admit women or provide sufficient reasons for their request for exemption from the College's anti-discrimination clause.

*December 8: The Undergraduate Council, of whom the student members of the CCL are representatives, opens the floor to hear other reps' views of the matter. No vote is taken, but all who speak request that the CCL members act to sever the ties.

*December 10, 8 a.m.: A subgroup of the CCL meets with the club presidents, who present a statement indicating they are ready to sever ties with the College.

*December 10, 5 p.m.: The full Committee on College Life meets and drafts its response to the clubs; it agrees to ask the College to cut all ties with the clubs. Deans Fox and Epps indicate that the College will expedite this process

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