Folksinger Guthrie Joins McGovern in Local Rally

It seemed like the sixties again, or at least like two weeks ago.

Folksinger Arlo Guthrie brought his peace-march revivalist spirit to Copley Square yesterday to lead a rally for presidential candidate George S. McGovern, following up a similarly spirited benefit he gave in Manchester. N.H,. February 26.

The big thermometer on the bank across the street read 18 degrees and winds added a biting chill, but 4000 spectators still overflowed the square to sing and cheer through. "This Land is Your Land" and "Blowin' in the Wind."

McGovern, asking for the same support that won him Massachusetis in his losing 1972 presidential bid, told the crowd to "look into your hearts and vote your conscience. Your vote is not a two-dollar bet on a horse race. The real issue is the arms race versus the human race."

Unilateral Freeze


McGovern made no allusion to domestic policy in his short statement, instead emphasizing his defense platform--an immediate unilateral nuclear freeze, withdrawal of troops from Central America, and a 25 percent cut in the defense budget.

Looking tan and cheerful on the podium amidst the biggest rally of the Massachusets campaign, McGovern jabbed at his current opponent and 1972 campaign manager, Sen. Gary W. Hart (D-Colo.).

"Some ideas are old and some ideas are new but that's irrelevant," said the South Dakotan, referring to Hart's "New ideas" theme.

McGovern has been running fourth in recent polls, behind Hart, Walter F. Mondale, and Sen. John H. Glenn (D-Ohio). McGovern predicted he will finish first or second here today McGovern has said he will drop out if he does not capture one of the top two spots.

"Even if you accept the polls. I have doubled my support in the past ten days." said an optimistic McGovern that's a pretty rapid move."

Guthrie added his own unorthodox pitch for McGovern votes, saving. "Now, I want you all to get out your little black phone books and call ten people and get them to vote for George. And I don't just mean in Massachusetts I mean all over the country I suppose that might cost you a little, but you don't have to pay your phone bill for a while, right.'

At a press conference after the rally McGovern fended off questions about what he would do if he does not finish first or second "I'm ready to go to Illinois" which holds its primary on March 20th, McGovern said.

"I'm already committed to a debate there on Thursday night," he added.

Also speaking for McGovern was Kathleen Kennedy Townsend '73 daughter of Robert F. Kennedy '48.

McGovern said he and the slain Senator were good friends. When Kennedy was shot in the midst of a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1968. McGovern jumped in the race at the last minmute to carry the anti-war banner that fell with Kennedy.

McGovern has had Massachusetts virtually to himself in the past two weeks to court the estimated 800,000 voters expected to turn out today. The other candidates have abandoned the state to battle in the South for support in today's Florida, Georgia, and Alabama primaries.

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