Students Remember Classmate In Freshman Memorial Fund

Friends of a student who died of Hodgkin's disease last July are creating a scholarship fund in his memory.

The Julian E. Delvalle Memorial Fund will provide freshmen on financial aid with a stipend for carrying out community service projects said Selma M. Gomez '85. one of the organizers.

Gomez said the students hope to establish a continuous fund which will award its prize money from the interest on the initial amount donated.

"We must raise about $10,000 for the fund to be continuous," said Gomez adding. "Initially, we will get student support, hopefully $2,000 and then appeal to alumni, relatives and friends of Julio's"

The Harvard Club of Miami is considering donating as much as $11,000 to the fund, according to J. Edward Beals, president of the Harvard Club of Miami, the city where Delvalle lived.

"I would like to see anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 dollars raised with contributions and fund raising events," said Judith R. Traum '62, who is vice president of Special Projects at the Harvard Club of Miami and presented the case to the Harvard Club board.

If sufficient money is raised, freshmen will apply for the stipend in the fall and when selected, will carry out their project in the spring, said Gomez.

The stipend allows financial aid students to spend the time they would normally occupy with meeting tuition costs on carrying out a community service project in the Cambridge area.

Gomez added that it was Delvalle's devotion to community service and his interest in Phillips Brooks House that inspired the idea for the scholarship among his friends.

"Julio impressed us all with his diligence spirituality, and courage," said Traum.

Fundraising efforts will begin Monday when students will canvass all river houses and the Freshman Union for donations