Sophomore Dies After Heart Attack

An Adams House sophomore died yesterday after suffering a heart attack outside Clavverly Hall.

Bryan B. Jaffee '86 was rushed to Cambridge City Hospital and pronounced dead at 5:51 p.m.

Witnesses reported that Jaffee collapsed as he was walking down Mt. Auburn street shortly after 4 p.m. The Cambridge Fire Department's rescue squad was called in after passersby tried to resuscitate Jaffee, according to Dr. Warren E. C. Wacker, director of University Health Services.

Doctors were unable to resuscitate Jaffee at the hospital. The exact cause of death will not be known until today's autopsy, a hospital spokesman said.

Jaffee did not appear to have a history of health problems, Wacker said. However, according to Adams House residents, he had apparently fainted earlier yesterday.

A native of the Los Angeles area, Jaffee concentrated in Visual and Environmental Studies and was a member of the varsity water polo team. He was described as friendly, outgoing, and a creative student of the graphic arts.

"Obviously the morale of the House is not very high after something like this," said Adams House Senior Tutor Marshall Hyatt "It's tragic."

Jeffee's parents were notified of his collapse upon his arrival at Cambridge Hospital.

Steven M. Munatones '84, co-captain of the men's water polo team, described Jaffee as "a great asset to both the swim team and the water polo team."