Sports Wrap

The Harvard wrestling team used a study break this weekend long enough to wrestle three matches, and if its members fare it will in the upcoming exams, most of them ought to wind up somewhere around Group II.

Yet, while virtually all the mat men come back with at least one win each, the team fell short of sweeping all three matches by just three points.

Now 7-3 on the season, the squad defeated Western New England, 31-9, and Coast Guard, 26-18, but fail to East Stroudsburg State, 21-30.

The victories, however, were tainted by the injury of Tri-Captain Dan Medalie, who suffered torn cartilage on his sternum when he was slammed to the mat in his first match of the day. He is expected to be sidelined for a month, Harvard Coach John Lee said.

Aside from Medalle's forfeit the team swept every match in the first most against Western New England until 190 lb. Kevin Wattles lost 5-4 in the heavyweight class to "a big 260 pounder," Lee said.


Highlights of the match included a victory by Tri-Captain Sean Wallace over the Division III national runner-up in the 190 lb class.

East Stroudsburg, however, quickly put an end to the Crimson roll, as the matmen found themselves down 15-0 after the first three matches.

Freshman Jeff Clerk, normally a 126 pounder, wrestled at 142-lb and felt in a tough match, 11-10.

A last rally managed to make it closes, as freshman John Freeman at 150 lbs., sophomore heavyweight Paul Wieson, tri-captain Barry Bausano at 177 lbs., and Wallace all captured victories.

The win by Weisen was "very surprising," Lee said, adding "He's been the biggest surprise of the year."

Despite the setback, the grapplers came back strongly against Coast Guard. The only surprise was a loss by Bausano, his first of the year.

Despite a comfortable 6-2 lead with just 10 seconds to go, "the guy took Bausano to his back, scored five quick points and won," Lee says."

Aside from the strong outing by Weisen, Lee praiseed both freshmen Pele Holmes (2-1) and freshman (3-0) for especially impressive performances.