Holworthy May Suck, But We All Pass It

Short Takes

Holworthy Hall is experiencing a banner year.

More than seven campus organizations have draped sheets with slogans from the window panes of the freshman dormitory that dominates the approach to the Science Center.

The signs are used as "landmarks of sorts," said Holworthy resident Nancy Friedman '89, adding that some people tell their friends to come to the dorm with the sheets draped from the window. "I think they give character," said fellow resident Sharon Murphy '89.

The banners have presented some problems for Holworthy students, though. "When you're changing, you don't know whether people are staring at you or the signs," said Holworthy resident Miguel Herrera '89.

But for the groups who put up the sheets, the dorm offers a unique advertising possibility to draw people's eyes.


"We're trying to catch people's attention," said Ann Couch, assistant director of the Bureau of Study Council whose sign sports a bouquet of geraniums.

The University maintains a non-interference policy. The organizations that want to post signs simply ask students for the use of their window frames. "I generally leave it to the discretion of the residents," said North Yard Senior Adviser Robert Cashion '81.

But while students see the signs as useful landmarks, they aren't letting advertisers pull sheets over their eyes.

Students who agree to post the signs outside their windows are often compensated with free tickets to the advertised events. Murphy said she and her roommates recieved complimentary season tickets to Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra concerts.

Not everyone likes the sheets though. "Holworthy students shouldn't air their dirty laundry in public," said Thayer Hall resident Michael Kaplan '89.