Thugs Invade Thayer Hall

Eight unidentified youths entered Thayer Hall early Saturday morning, sprayed the walls with a fire extinguisher, and tussled with two Harvard students, residents of the Yard dorm said yesterday.

Two men who said they were Boston College students entered Thayer South at about 2 a.m. Shortly after, "about eight guys" who appeared to know the two men followed them into the dorm, according to Scott A. Hunt '89, a first-floor resident who entered the dorm with the first group.

"We had visitors in our room" and the group "looked like people from another dorm," but then "they started to get rambunctious" and sprayed the second floor with the fire extinguisher, said Charles W. Rauseo '89, a Thayer resident who was in the hallway at the time.

After Hunt was hit by the spray, pushing and shoving broke out between the two Harvard students and the intruders, according to Hunt. "We pushed them out the door and took the fire extinguisher," said Rauseo.

Returning to the dorm about an hour after the incident, Hunt said he noticed that the glass panel covering the entryway student directory had been shattered. He said he assumes the same eight youths had broken the panel.

Thayer Hall Proctor Lynne G. Liakos '82 said she was "not too psyched" that no one had immediately reported the incident to the police.

The two Thayer residents said they did not think to call the police. "I didn't want to mess with it," said Hunt.

After notifying the University police late Saturday afternoon, Senior Adviser Caroline Q. Stubbs said she asked Hunt and Rauseo to file an official police report. Don Nagle, a police spokesman, said he was "not aware" that any incident had taken place.

Students "should call the police whenever they see a suspicious person in the dorm," Stubbs said. She said there had been several other incidents this fall where suspicious people had entered dormitories