To the Editors of The Crimson:

The Conservative Club's recent forum "Should AIDS Victims Be Quarantined?" was horrifying.

Paul Cameron suggests that to halt the spread of AIDS, "anyone caught in a homosexual act [should be] summarily executed." Think about that for a minute. A student group at Harvard has sponsored a speaker who called for the extermination of gay people. This is made no less chilling by the fact that Cameron is a crackpot, thrown out of professional organizations by psychologists and sociologists. Even if he is a charlatan, where were the sponsors of the event? Did they stand up and dissociate themselves from his statements? Does the Conservative Club believe that killing gay people is something worth; talking about? The Conservative Club owes gay people and the entire Harvard-Radcliffe community an apology.

I am reluctant to treat the Conservative Club too seriously. This is just the latest in their attempts to gain attention by outrageous behavior, their contribution to racial understanding by inviting the Consul General of South Africa. But then again the Nazis were dismissed as crackpots too.

Perhaps we should sponsor a forum called "Should the Conservative Club Be Quarantined?"

Before it's too late. Jake Stevens '86