The Unofficial New Haven Gourmet Guide

It's late afternoon. The Game is over, and the parties have not yet begun. Inevitably, the question surfaces--what is there to do in New Haven?

You've already confronted this question, several years ago when you were a senior in high school. Thinking back, you can't really recall an answer.

Suddenly, you remember something your best friend at Yale told you one day while explaining why he was actually glad Harvard turned him down.

"At least we have Sally's," he said.

Whatever else might be said (and is said) about New Haven, the town offers some of the best restaurants in New England, and the best pizza in America.


Described by Yalies as "tops" and "awesome," Sally's is a classic, what Coke is to soda, what Harvard is to college.

The pizza--than-crusted, and served in a large square pan--represents a perfect balance of dough, sauce, and spice. The flavor is imperfectionable.

The only real reason you could possibly find for not going to Sally's is that it is located at 237 Wooster St., in the Wooster Square region of New Haven. The walk is reasonably long, and even a little dangerous.

The Spot

Until a few years ago, only a few privileged people knew about The Spot. The cognoscenti were rewarded with pizza as good as Pepe's without the line.

Owned by Frank Pepe, The Spot features the exact same pizza, albeit cooked in different ovens. The recipe is the same, the taste is the same. But the location is different (163 Wooster St.).


But in town where the residents argue about pizza the way Cantabrigians argue about ice cream, not everyone agrees on where to get the best pizza.

Harvard is to Yale as Sally's is to Pepe's.

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