Campaign Probe

city bitties

The campaign finances of City Councilor-elect William J. Walsh are back in the news again.

Cambridge lawyer Richard D. Clarey on Friday filed a criminal complaint with the Cambridge District Court, charging that Walsh failed to file his campaign finance disclosure forms by the state-mandated deadline.

Walsh, who spent more money than any of the other 21 candidates for city council this year, filed his disclosure forms at 1 p.m. on election day. The local rent control opponent told a crowd of 300 at an October 29 debate that he would publicize contributors to his record-high war chest before voters went to the polls November 5.

A bearing has been set for January 9. If found guilty, Walsh could face a fine of up to $1000 and a one-year prison term.

"Walsh is the only major candidate who did not file on time in defiance of the law," said Clarey, who is vice president of the Cambridge Civic Association (CCA).


The CCA has been the strongest proponent of rent control since Cambridge adopted the state's toughest housing regulations in 1970.