Schroeder Takes Trip

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- William Schroeder became the first artificial heart recipient ever to leave the confines of a hospital yesterday, taking a brief ride in a wheelchair into the sunny parking lot at Humana Heart Institute.

Two passing 12-year old girls stopped to shake his hand and one of them kissed him, said Robert Irvine, a Humane spokesman.

Schroeder, who received his implant 86 days ago, left the hospital about 4 p.m., Irvine, in a wheelchair with his heart powered by the small, portable Heimes drive system.

Schroeder's wife, Margaret, showed Schroeder the house where he will live temporarily after he leaves the hospital and before returning to has home in Jasper, Ind.

Meanwhile, doctors said the third artificial heart recipient, Murray Haydon, set up yesterday, began drinking fluids and exercising, and might be able to get out of bed today.


Haydon had a slightly queasy stomach, probably a consequence of the stress of open heart surgery, said Dr. Allan M. Lansing, chairman of Humana Heart Institute International.