Concentration Guidelines Approved For Study in Cognitive Science

Psychology and Social Relations concentrators will soon have the option of combining traditional department coursework with computer science under the newly created subfield of Cognitive Science.

Department professors cited widespread student and faculty interest in Cognitive Science as the impetus for formalizing a set of concentration requirements in the past week.

In the preface to the new requirements, Professors of Psychology Stephen M. Kosslyn and William K. Estes call cognitive sciences "the melding of psychology and artificial intelligence, with help from linguistics, philosophy and neuroscience."

Nina I. Madden, assistant head tutor of Psychology and Social Relations, said the requirements for the new "minor" will be slightly more demanding than those for the standard concentration. Although the newly-created curriculum will cross departmental lines, it will remain under the umbrella of Psychology and Social Relations.

Chairman of the Psychology and Social Relations Department Sheidon H. White said that although students will be required in take courses in a variety of departments, computer science will constitute the bull of the interdiscplinary instruction. He said.