Program To Qualify Grade For Public School Jobs

Ed School Proposal

The Graduate School of Education is planning a program that would for the first time allow College students to teach in public, schools immediately after graduation, officials at the school said yesterday.

Currently, Harvard students can often find jobs teaching in private schools, but need additional coursework and experience to qualify for public school positions, said Dean of the Graduate School of Education Patricia A. Graham.

"We have about 40 students each year who would like to go directly into teaching but at the moment cannot do so," because of the strict state requirements, according to Martha I cape, director of the Office of Career Services.

The program would require students to take at least one course at the school and to assist public school teachers for independent study credit, Graham said.

All but one of the other Ivy League schools already have similar programs, said one of the Harvard plan's principal architects, Assistant to the Dean Katherine K. Merseth.

Graham will present the program to the Faculty Council for a vote at the end of the month.

The lack of money for the program will remain a problem even if the Council approves it, Merseth said. She added she is in the process of applying for grants to private foundations and government.

"[The program] would be unique in that it proposes to continue a coaching relationship between graduated students and the School of Education in order to help students as they begin their teaching careers," said Merseth.

The University could implement the program as early as next fall.

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