Business Heads Wrap Up Talks At K-School

Short Takes

A two-day conference on tax policy attended by more than 60 major business and government leaders concluded yesterday at the Kennedy School of Government.

The conference, entitled "What Taxes Should Business Pay?," did not aim to make any specific policy recommendations, but was primarily "a chance for business people to see how the politicians are thinking" about possible tax reforms, said former Congressman Barber H. Conable (R-NY), a participant.

Other panelists at the conference included Sen. Daniel Patrick Movnihan (D-NY) and former Secretary of the Treasury W. Michael Blumenthal.

Participants agreed that frequent changes in the tax system have made it difficult for businesses to establish and follow long range plans, said Winthrop Knowlton '53, director of the Kennedy School's Center for Business and Government, which sponsored the conference.

"I think we had a good airing of views of the kinds of options that face the business community," Conable said.


He added that he expects there to be a number of similar conferences throughout the nation in the next few months as Reagan's tax policies take share.

Knowlton said that Reagan has "given tax reform a lift" with his Wednesday State of the Union address advocating a change in the tax system.

Reagan's speech increased in the conference, Conable said. "People felt they were have to do more than academic discussion," he added.