Business As Usual at Fenway

Silly Putty

The first sign was a red-faced MBIA official standing near the exit of the Kenmore stop.

"Buy your return tokens now," he shouted, "and avoid the long lines after the ball game."

The Ball Game, Red Sox, Yankees, Baseball 1985.

Immediately, our senses were assaulted by the sights and sounds of the new season. "Tickets, get your tickets here," shouted one scalper. "Only three dollars. Get your tickets."

As we neared the stadium, the calls changed.


"Get your peanuts here 25 cents or five for a dollar. Get your peanuts here It'll cost you twice as much in the ball park. Get your peanuts."

"Souvenirs here, All the caps and all the pennants of all the teams here. Cheaper than in the ball park. Get your Red Sox hats here. Only five bucks, Get'em while they last."

The park came into view as we crossed the pike, the graceful nets protecting the top of the Green Monster swaying in the April breeze.

We had bleacher tickets Front row bleacher tickets. We found the correct gate and walked in, but only after being lightly frisked. There was quite a pile of beer bottles at the feet of the friskers.

After buying programs and Red Sox pencils, we walked up the steps and were rewarded by the first panoramic ball park view of the year. Involuntary smiles danced across our mouths.

We found our seats, and after a few Bob Ueckerisms, settled down to wait for 2:05--game time.

Soon we discovered the disadvantages of the front row, as a parade of people streamed past in both directions. Some were looking for their seats, and asked us where Section 34 was. We shrugged and pointed in random directions.

Others were already on their second beer run. We prayed that they wouldn't spill on us and worried what they'd be like in the eighth inning.

Finally the stream slowed to a tickle, the national anthem was played, and the game began.

To out great dismay, we discovered that many Yankee fans were present in our bleachers. They went wild when New York managed to score a run in the top of the first, but Boston's two in the bottom half shut them up for a while.