Netwomen Pick and Peel Orangewomen, Secure Grasp on East's Number One Spot

The Crimson had no respect for the highly touted Orange tandems, steamrolling Syracuse without losing a set.

"It's probably the best we've played yet, as a unit," Usher said.

Evans and Boss trounced the Rice sisters, Susan and Stephanie, 6-0, 6-3.

"They're a good team, (the Rice sisters), we just played super," Boss said. "We just played great, I could behave some of the gets I had."

Smith and Vigna stampeded through their compention 6-1, 6-1.


With Cynds Austrian replacing Debbie Kautman and doubles, Austrian and Robert Hing took a 6.6.2 win.

Austrian and Hing haven't played doubles together since the fall and it took them a while to get back into the saving of things.

"We were a little shaky in the first set, put everything just went our way in the second," Austrian said.

Usher called the Austrian-Hing team an experiment.