recrutiment season saw 30 more prospective employers visit Cambridge than last year, according to Chernick.

Interviews Up

There were 3163 job interviews at OCS this year, involving more than 40 percent of the Class of 1985. Last year, only 38.5 percent of the seniors participated in a grand total of 2855 business interviews.

"This has been the biggest year ever," Chernick says.

Chernick, who organizes seminars and forums to bring business recruiters and students together throughout the year, says Proctor and Gamble, Banker's Trust, Morgan Stanley, IBM and Kidder-Peabody were among the most popular films this year.

"I know a lot of seniors that are going into investment banking," says Gina A. Lionette '85, who will take a New York City advertising job after Commencement. "I think there will be a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities coming out of this school," the Visual and Environmental Studies major predicts.

Lionette notes that although there might be "a certain amount of Yuppies" in the Class of '85, there are also political "radicals" and students with graduate education plans.

Economics was the class's most popular field of concentration, with Government trading a distant second.

Results of a mandatory Harvard-sponsored questionnaire that asks graduates about their future employment and educational plans will not be available until the fall.

10 Years Ago

Figures for the Class of '84 contrast sharply with the statisties for 1975, when 51.6 percent said they would go to graduate school right after graduation and only 31.4 percent indicated immediate employment plans.

Members of last year's graduating class listing immediate study plans included 10 percent going to medical school, 7 percent beginning liberal arts graduate study, and 6 percent heading to law school.

For eventual post-college education plans, those figures increased to 15.3 percent, 14.3 percent and 13.6 percent, respectively, with 16.3 percent planning to attend business school either immediately or after a stint in the work force.

About a quarter of the Class of '84 went directly into business or communications jobs after graduation.

Hope W. Wigglesworth '48, the OCS pre-med advisor, says that although there has been a nation-wide drop in medical school applications, the percentage of Harvard graduates enrolling in med school has been rising.

"We will be interested if a similar drop occurs here," she said, Wigglesworth added that the number of women applying to medical school has risen while male applications have dropped.