Harvard Inaugurates Guidebook

In a first-time effort to publicize community service programs. Harvard has published a comprehensive booklet outlining a host of resources and University-run activities and available to the general public.

"The Community Guide 10 Harvard," unveiled yesterday by the Office of Government. Community and Public Affairs, details continuing education, public school, and student-run service projects.

In addition, information about the University's museums, libraries and civic assistance efforts is also presented in the 35-page handbook which will be distributed to local leaders and neighborhood groups.

"It's purpose is to demystify Harvard in some ways for the community," said John Shattuck, the University's vice president for government and public affairs.

According to the newly-published pamphlet. Harvard employs 3500 Cambridge and 2800 Boston residents and annually contributes nearly $3 million in voluntary payments and taxes to both cities. The brochure also states that the University adds more than $100 million a year to the economy of Cambridge.

But the pamphler's extensive listings make no mention of Harvard Real Estate, Inc., the management firm which oversees the University's land holdings and frequently comes in contact with the surrounding community.