Saltonstall said yesterday he expects to be able to tell the workers "something definitive" before August 15. He would not comment on the future of the club, but said the possibility of private management is being "seriously considered."

The Harvard Business School's Kresge dining hall last summer came under the management of Marriott Hotels. Under pressure from the union, Marriott kept the existing staff.


Domenic M. Bozzotto, the head of the union representing the food service workers, said he has gathered about 50 signatures on letters he will eventually present to Saltonstall. The letters, which are being distributed at the Faculty Club door, "urge [Saltonstall] to reconsider this University decision which will disrupt the lives of these dedicated workers and bring strangers into the club."

Saltonstall said yesterday that worker security "is always a concern" and that Harvard "is very aware of the seniority of some workers and our obligation to them."


Bozzotto said a lot of members have told Faculty Club workers "that [the workers] are the Faculty Club" and that the members have become comfortable with the current staff."

"It seems to have touched a nerve," Bozzotto added.