Few Attend Council's Forum

Students Decline Invitation to `Kvetch and Bitch' at U.C.

An Undergraduate Council forum to field constituent complaints ended almost as soon as it began last night when only seven students showed up to participate in the discussion.

The forum, which was held in Science Center B, was scheduled for 8 p.m. By 8:30, when no constituents had arrived, representatives entered Cabot Library and lured students to attend the forum with offers of free food.

"Somebody came and grabbed us out of the Science Center and said come and talk to us," said Jordan T. Shin '89, who arrived at 8:55 p.m.

"The food's attractive," he added while eating nacho chips and Coke.

Titled "Come Kvetch At Us," the forum would have allowed students to meet their council representatives and offer their complaints and suggestions about issues the council should address.

"I would have liked to have had a real turnout and address the constituents," said Brian C. Offutt '87, council chairman. "We'll have to work harder at outreach in the future."

The council put up 100 posters announcing the forum and put an advertisement in yesterday's Independant.

Nevertheless, the poor showing was "an indication of a complete lack of knowledge in the student body," said Robert H. Greenstein '89, one of the 26 council members present at the forum.

Other reasons for the low turnout were bad weather, upcoming midterms, and the lack of a concrete issue, council members said.

"This is the first year" of a general forum, said representative Kamala S. Lakhidhir '85-'86. "In the past, forums have always been held around an issue."

Council members said they were disappointed but not surprised by the apparent lack of student interest.

"They want to come, but they do not want to get off their ass and do something about it when we give them a chance," said J. Todd Ensley '89. "They could have gotten some food."