Netwomen Throttle Pennsylvania, 9-0

The Harvard women's tennis team crushed Pennsylvania, 9-0, yesterday afternoon at Palmer Dixon Courts. The netwomen lost only two sets, boosting their season record to 6-5.

"It was a good start for the Ivy Season," Harvard Coach Don Usher said.

The Crimson's number one singles player, Kathy Vigna, knocked off her Quaker counterpart in straight sets, 6-0, 6-4. Vigna tied Harvard's record for all-time career wins with a victory in doubles later in the day. She will sit out today's game at Columbia and will have the opportunity to break the record next weekend against Dartmouth.

"I was surprised," Vigna said. "I didn't think I had played that many matches. I've had a couple of good years, and hopefully I'll have a couple more good years."

Freshman Cindy Buchsbaum, the Crimson's second singles player, notched a win over Quaker Nina Greene in straight sets, 6-4, 6-2. Harvard's Erika Smith, playing in the third slot, easily outplayed opponent Sheila O'Donnell, again winning in straight sets.

Harvard's Robin Boss defeated Pennsylvania's number four player Leslie Simon, 6-2, 6-0.

Teammate Kristin Bland, playing fifth, toyed with Quaker Julie Price. Bland smothered Price in the first set, 6-1, and, without giving the Quaker a chance to catch her breath, blanked her in the second, 6-0.

The play in the sixth spot was perhaps the most exciting of the afternoon. The Crimson's Kathy Mulvehal beat Sophia Ray in a rather routine first set, 6-3. The second set was a battle to the bitter end, with Ray copping a 7-6 decision. In the third set, Mulvehal came back to ice the win and a shut out for the net-women, 6-4.

Harvard's dynamic doubles duo of Vigna and Smith, rebounding from a 4-6 first set defeat, notched 6-2 and 6-4 victories in the remaining two sets. The Crimson's Boss and Martha Berkman, playing in the second slot in doubles, trampled Pennsylvania's Price and Robins in straight sets, 6-3, 6-0.

Buschbaum and Cyndy Austrian, playing in the third spot for Harvard, took the match from Quakers O'Donnell and Robin Potson in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2.

"There were some tough spots and we struggled a tad," Usher said. "But it's not bad considering the week of cold."