Getting to Know Your House

Ever since the middle of March when freshmen had to declare their housing preferences, the Yardlings have been exploring possible future residences. They have wandered from Cabot to Kirkland in search of a taste of upperclass living. With assignments in hand, many are now asking the question, "It's a nice place to visit, but would I want to live there?"

Separating fact from fiction about life in the upperclass houses is one of the most challenging parts of moving out of Harvard Yard. What will it really be like to live with juniors and seniors? Does the Quad provide the most diversified living arrangements on campus? How true are the stereotypes?

The next step for rising sophomores in the annual quest for Harvard housing is the barrage of orientations and get-acquainted dances that will introduce frosh to their houses. We asked the 13 house committee chairmen to comment briefly on the most notable characteristics of life in their respective accommodations.

Chairmen were asked:

1. What's the best thing about your house?

2. What's the worst thing about your house?

3. What are the most unique attractions/events associated with your house (eg. Eliot's Jimmy Fund, Currier's Dance Marathon, Lowell's Waltz, etc.)?

4. What sort of internal lottery does your house have to assign rooms this year?

5. Does your house have some sort of orientation session for incoming sophomores? If so, when and where?

6. What stereotypes are true or false about your house?

7. How active a role does your master play in the house (e.g. attends most activities, social teas, house committee, available for a casual dinner, or by appointment only)?


Matthew P. Cohn '87

History Concentrator

Rockville Center, NY