$3000 Raised for Guard

The Harvard University Police raised $3000 at a benefit dance last Friday to raise money for a Harvard security guard who was injured this summer when his moped caught fire.

About 140 people paid $12.50 to aid Richard Fogarty, who was hurt on his way home from work on July 10, when his moped was hit by a car in Central Square. Of the 140 guests, 78 attended the dance, which featured a raffle, a disk jockey, and a four-piece band.

"The response we had was good," said Robert J. Dowling, head of the fundraising effort and operations manager for the Harvard University Police securities department. "We set up a time that everybody there enjoyed."

"If you don't help your own, who will," Dowling said. "We're looking forward to another event, because he's going to be out of work for a long time."

Dowling said that Fogarty coming to the event showed "all the stamina in the world. His arms and his chest are all bandaged, but still he managed to show up." The 28-year-old security guard has undergone seven skin graft operations, and faces the possibility of five to seven more, Dowling said.


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