New Yorker-Like Journal To Hit Quad This Fall

While tiger stripes may not appear on Quad lawns this month as some had hoped, residents of the Radcliffe dorms may find some solace in a new publication debuting this fall.

If a group of quadlings have their way, Harvard's Quad will be the subject of a New Yorker-like journal which they hope will promote Quad unity.

Approximately fifteen residents of Currier, North, and Cabot Houses met this week to organize the new journal, which they are considering calling "The Out of Town News and Literary Review."

The journal will include poetry and fictional pieces written by Quad residents, as well as witty essays, profiles of Quad residents, and anecdotes about the peculiarities of Quad life.

"We want something fun, something witty and easy to read like the New Yorker, as opposed to something deep or philosophical," said Michael S. Krivan '90, the Currier House resident who is organizing the journal.


"We want to inspire a little unity in the Quad and let people on the rest of the campus know what's going on in the Quad. It seems like a long, long, long way away to some people," said Krivan, who last year published the Tibetan Trade Journal, an open outlet for freshman literature and poetry.

Krivan said he intends to publish six issues of the Quad journal this year, including one by Thanksgiving and one by Christmas, each of which will be approximately 15 pages long.

"It's supposed to create an identity for the Quad and be something we can be proud of," said Kay S. Moffett '90, a Currier resident who suggested that one article be entitled "20 Reasons to Come to the Quad." Moffett said that it is unfair that the Quad is the butt of some jokes and the guinea pig for arts experiments.