Reporter's Notebook

Unwrapping Presents

It wasn't a toaster oven--or even close.

Four Quincy House students gave a dining hall worker who tied the knot Saturday a unique wedding gift. Andrew H.M. Ayre '87, Jon E. Goldman '87, David A. Kirsch '86-87, and Stephen E. Pomper '87 last Thursday hired a male stripper named David to give Aurora Dias a memorable send-off.

"We knew she was getting married, and we thought we'd like to do something for her," Ayre said. So for the mere price of $80, David danced for Dias and shed his clothes to the beat--all the way down to a pair of leopard-skin bikini underwear.

"The guy got carried away. He really got into it," Ayre said. "We had to try to restrain the guy."

Aretha, Mr. Rogers, and the Ruskies

Well, it wasn't quite Puttin' on the Hits, but it was close as the first annual Mather Mock Rock Festival premiered Friday night. Seven lip sync acts competed in the event, which was "dedicated to Increase Mather's spirit," said Douglas P. Kelly '87, who organized the contest with roommate Timothy M. Sheiner '87.

In a close, applause meter-judged contest, first place garlands went to Elisabeth B. Reynolds '88, Rebecca Hardy '88, Amy R. Spater '88, and Laurence H. Pratt '88, Who performed in drag. For their performance of Aretha Franklin's "Respect," the four won a $20 gift certificate to the record department of the Coop. Pratt downplayed his role in the quartet. "Guys dressing up in drag is a pretty popular thing," he said.

Second place and three blank tapes went to Andrew L. Strom '87 for his rendition of "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." "It just seemed the natural thing to do. I heard lip sync, I thought Mr. Rogers," said Strom, who wore his roommate's cardigan sweater and his own sneakers. "I changed my shoes and took my jacket off and put on my sweater. The crowd went wild."

The applause meter awarded third place Steven E. Young '87, Joshua M. Thayer '87, and David J. McLaughlin '87 for a striking performance of the Soviet National Anthem. The trio played air guitar and formed a kickline, Young said, adding, "At the end we pulled out a Ukranian flag and jumped around."

Third prize was originally "unparalleled fame and glory," But it was changed to six telephone books, Kelly said. Said Young: "It was nice because I really had to make a phone call."

Late Night With Henry Rosovsky

Look out, Johnny Carson. Heeeeere's Henry.

Acting President and Geyser University Professor Henry Rosovsky demonstrated some hidden talents Friday night, when he served as master of ceremonies for the fourth annual Jazz for Life benefit concert in Sanders Theater.

Rosovsky began his routine by saying he was not going to deliver a lecture. Getting a round of applause and laughter, Rosovsky said the only other times of the year he finds himself in Sanders are for one Ec 10 lecture and for Yom Kippur services. The former dean of the Faculty also demonstrated his athletic prowess as he ever-so-gracefully leaped from the stage to the floor where he took his seat.