The Others

ANDREW HEISKELL: The former chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Time, Inc., he was elected to the Corporation in 1979 after serving as president of Harvard's Board of Overseers.

RODERICK M. MacDOUGALL '51: Former chairman of the Bank of New England, he became the University's 28th treasurer in 1984.

COLMAN M. MOCKLER '52: Chairman and chief exectutive officer of the Gilette Company, he has served on the Harvard Corporation since 1982.

CHARLES P. SLICHTER '45: A physicist at the University of Illinois's Center for Advanced Study, he is one of two academics on the Harvard Corporation. He was elected to the Corporation in 1970.

ROBERT G. STONE Jr. '45: Chairman of Kirby Exploration Company and chairman of the board of General Energy Corporation, he was appointed to the Corporation in 1975.

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